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Top 20 Marketing Ideas For Your Cleaning Business

Top 20 Marketing Ideas For Your Cleaning Business

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Table of Contents

Running a successful cleaning business takes more than just hard work and dedication. It also takes the right marketing strategy to ensure that your services are noticed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

That’s why I’m here today to talk about the top 20 marketing ideas for your cleaning business! With these tried-and-true tactics, you’ll be able to reach potential customers who may have never heard of your company before – and get them excited about what you can do for their homes or businesses.

So if you’re ready to take your business from good to great, let’s dive into some of my favorite ways to market a cleaning service.


Create Your Facebook Business Page


It’s time to get your cleaning business out there and make it a success. You gotta do something that’ll really help you stand out, so why not create a Facebook Business Page for free?

It’s an absolute no-brainer! Your page will be the hub for all the latest updates – from special offers to new services and much more. This is a great way of getting people talking about your business and encouraging them to spread the word – whether they’re customers or friends and family.


Facebook page


Plus, it’s completely free (just like all my advice!). With just one click, anyone who likes what you have to offer can share your posts with their own networks. All in all, creating a FB page is not only economical but also key to unlocking countless opportunities for growth.

Ready to take this next step? Let me tell you how…


Post In Local Community Facebook Groups About Your Cleaning Business


As the leader of your cleaning business, I’m sure you want to be a success. That’s why it’s important to get out there and post in local community Facebook groups about the cleaning services you offer!

People in these communities are always looking for high-quality cleaning services like yours, so they can keep their homes clean and tidy. Plus, getting involved on social media is an easy way to engage with potential customers who may not know that you exist!

And don’t forget – posting in these Facebook groups will also give you access to valuable insights into how people perceive your business. This information can help guide your marketing strategy going forward.

It all starts with making sure people know what you’re offering and where they can find it. So take advantage of this opportunity today and start reaching out to those online communities!


Sign Up And Verify Your Google Business Profile


The best way to really make your cleaning business stand out is to sign up and verify your Google Business Profile. It’s a fantastic way to get noticed by customers who are shopping around for the perfect service provider. This could be just what you need to take your business from good to great!

Plus, signing up with Google gives potential customers access to all kinds of info about your company–like hours of operation, contact details, and even photos if you choose.

You’ll also have the opportunity to start collecting 5 star reviews on your profile – this will show other shoppers that you’re reliable and trustworthy. And trust me when I say they’ll want proof before they hire anyone!

So don’t wait any longer – get signed up today and watch as the magic starts happening!


Start Collecting 5 Star Reviews On Your Google Business Profile


Now that you have verified your Google Business Profile, it’s time to start collecting 5 star reviews. Reviews are critical for any business and customers look at them before making a decision. They give potential customers the confidence they need to do business with you.


5 star reviews


That’s why I’m going to show you how to get those five-star ratings rolling in! First of all, make sure your profile is up-to-date and complete. Include relevant images, contact information, hours, etc., so people know exactly what services you offer and when you’re available.


Also be sure to respond quickly to customer feedback – this shows that you care about their satisfaction and will go above and beyond for them. Finally, proactively reach out to past clients or customers who had a positive experience with your cleaning services and encourage them to share their thoughts online. This way, other potential customers can learn more about your company from real experiences rather than just seeing an advertisement – which could mean more business for you!

With these steps in mind, it won’t be long until your profile is filled with glowing five stars! It’s also important that prospective customers can easily find your website online when searching for related terms like ‘cleaning service’. To ensure this happens, it’s vital to get an SEO optimized website designed specifically for your cleaning business.


Get An SEO Optimized Website Designed For Your Cleaning Business


Running a successful cleaning business requires having the right tools and strategies in place. One of those is getting an SEO optimized website designed for your company.

When it comes to marketing, nothing beats having a high-performing online presence that’s easy to find and navigate. That’s why I suggest investing in creating a website that will help you reach more potential customers and build brand recognition.

Having a well-designed website means having something visually stunning and user friendly. You want people to be able to quickly understand what you offer, how you can make their lives easier or better, and then feel compelled to take action—whether it’s buying from you or subscribing to your newsletter.

With the right design, content strategy, and search engine optimization tactics, you can create an effective online platform that helps promote your services while also providing value to consumers.

And with that out of the way, let’s move on to another important step: targeting local customers through Google Ads!


Use Google Ads To Target Your Customers Locally


This is one of the best ways to get your business known locally. Google Ads are an incredible tool that can target potential customers in your area and bring them right to you!


google ads


With just a few clicks you can create ads for whatever cleaning services you offer and make sure it’s reaching its intended audience. Plus, with Google Ads you have total control over who sees what – so if there’s a certain demographic you’re trying to reach, you can customize your ad specifically for them.

You also have the ability to track how many people view or click on your ads, allowing you to monitor their effectiveness and adjust accordingly. All in all, using Google Ads is an easy way to boost awareness of your cleaning business in no time flat. Now let’s look at how we can create a great offer for our customers that will help us stand out from the competition.


Create A Great Offer For Your Customers


Now that you understand how powerful Google Ads can be for targeting local customers, let’s talk about creating a great offer.

You want to make sure your potential customers are getting something special and unique from your business. Having an unbeatable offer is the key to success in any industry, especially cleaning services! So come up with something truly exceptional that will draw people in and keep them coming back for more.

If you don’t already have one, consider offering discounts or loyalty points for every purchase or task completed. This way customers know they’re always being rewarded when they choose your service over another. Make sure it stands out among your competition so you stay ahead of the game – nothing beats a good deal!

But don’t forget that marketing isn’t just about making offers – it’s also about showing off the results of those offers. Posting before and after photos on social media is a great way to showcase what kind of work you do and why customers should trust you with their own projects.

Letting others see just how amazing your work looks is a fantastic way to show them what makes your business stand apart from everyone else! Plus, allow clients to share their experiences as well – it’s all part of building relationships with current and future customers!

Ready to get started?


Post Your Before And After Photos On Social Media


As a cleaning business, you got to show off your skills! Posting before and after photos of your work on social media is one way to do that.

It’s an awesome way to get the word out there about what ya do and how good you are at it. Show folks what sorta difference can be made with your services – they won’t believe their eyes!

You’ll gain more followers in no time as long as you keep posting regularly. Add some captions too if ya want; give people context for why each place needed cleanin’ up or just let them bask in the glory of the finished product.

It’s all win-win when it comes to increasing brand awareness and gaining customers. Plus, it’s super easy and cost-effective compared with other marketing methods. And from here, we move onto starting a YouTube channel…


Start A YouTube Channel


I know everyone wants to be liberated from the hassles of cleaning.

Why not start a Youtube channel for your business? Show off those awesome services you provide and create an informative series about different techniques or products you use.

You can also show people how easy it is to make their home sparkle without all the effort!

By having this presence on YouTube, you’ll attract even more customers who are looking for help with their cleaning needs. Plus, it’s another great way to connect with current clients and build relationships with them as well.

And guess what? It doesn’t take too much time either – just enough that can reap huge rewards in very little time.

Let’s keep pushing forward – next up we’ll talk about using email marketing and building an email list.


Use Email Marketing And Build An Email List


Now, let’s move on to something a bit more sophisticated: email marketing. The key here is building an email list of potential customers who you can reach out to and market your services directly. It’s easy, it’s cost effective, and it works!

You have to make sure that when you’re sending emails out they really stand out from the rest so they don’t get lost in the crowd. Invest some money into creating an eye-catching design that speaks to people and makes them want to take action.


email marketing


We’ve had amazing results just by changing up the look of our emails and making them feel personal instead of generic. This kind of attention to detail goes a long way towards getting noticed, so keep that in mind next time you hit send!

It’s now time for us to focus on other methods like designing flyers and passing them out – two great ways to get the word about your cleaning business out there quickly!


Design Flyers And Pass Them Out


Flyers are a great way to get your business noticed! If you want people to come flocking to your cleaning business, then invest in some killer designs and pass them out. You’ll be sure to grab their attention – trust me on this one.

Don’t forget that the key here is visibility; make sure those flyers of yours are placed prominently so everyone can see ’em. In addition, consider targeting specific locations where potential customers may be located – you know what I mean?

Places like schools and hospitals would likely have plenty of foot traffic coming through regularly. Get creative with it – there’s no limit to how much success you could achieve here!

Now go out and give it a shot. It’s time for us to start calling into local businesses and offering them our top-notch services!


Call Into Local Businesses And Offer Them Your Cleaning Services


Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve come to a point where it’s time for us to take the next step toward success. Passin’ out flyers is great – no doubt about that!

But if you really want your cleaning business to thrive, then you have to reach further than just passin’ out flyers. You need to call into local businesses and offer them your services directly. It’ll show ’em that you’re serious about cleanliness, which will make your service stand out from all the rest of the competition.

This is the way forward ladies and gentlemen. Take charge of your own destiny and go right up there in person with your best sales pitch ready and primed.

Try taking advantage of LinkedIn too – find decision makers who might be interested in what you can offer their establishment when it comes down to keeping things neat an tidy. Trust me on this one folks: real success begins here!


Use Linkedin To Find Decision Makers And Offer Your Services


Nothing is more powerful than having the right connections. Linkedin can get your cleaning business in front of decision makers that have the ability to take it to the next level! You just need to know how to use this platform smartly and effectively.

So first things first – create a profile that stands out, with a professional headshot as your profile picture, an engaging description about your services and show off any awards or certifications you may have earned along the way.

Make sure to regularly post interesting content such as industry news or tips on getting the job done quickly and efficiently. This will help drive engagement from potential customers and referral providers so they remember who you are when looking for those services.

With these steps taken care of, now all you need to do is reach out directly and offer them your superior service – trust me when I say this could be life-changing for your cleaning business!

And next up we’ll look at even more ways to promote yourself…


Post Short Videos On Instagram And Tik Tok


Well, we’ve just discussed the power of Linkedin to find decision makers and offer your services. Now let’s talk about something really exciting for our cleaning business: posting short videos on Instagram and Tik Tok!


social media videos


This is a great way to build brand awareness, especially among younger people who are more likely to use social media. Social media marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years – it’s a low-cost way to reach potential customers from all over the world.

Posting video content can help you stand out from competitors and show off your company values. Plus, when you post regularly, you’re creating an ongoing conversation with viewers that will keep them coming back for more!

Tik Tok and Instagram are battling it out and short videos are what’s hot these days!

So make sure you don’t forget about this powerful tool as part of your marketing strategy. And now it’s time to take things up another notch by getting involved in sponsorship…


Sponsor A Local Sports Team


It’s time to take your cleaning business up a notch and get serious about marketing. One of the best ways to do that is by sponsoring a local sports team.

It shows you care about the community, have plenty of money in the bank, and are willing to invest back into it. Plus, it’ll give you some much-needed exposure!

I suggest going big with this sponsorship by not only having your logo on the jerseys but also offering lots of discounts to players’ families – they’re already buying tickets, snacks, and whatever else during their games anyway.

You can even provide special services for them at greatly reduced prices. It’s an absolute win-win situation; everybody gets something out of it!

Instead of wasting money on expensive advertising campaigns, use this method as an affordable way to let everyone know who you are and what you do. Your popularity will skyrocket!

This kind of branding offers incredible opportunities for growth. Now that people know who you are, all that’s left is getting branded uniforms and vans so your employees look professional while they’re out doing jobs – giving customers confidence in the quality they’ll receive when they hire you!


Get Branded Uniforms And Vans


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘people don’t remember what you say, but they do remember how you make them feel.’

Well, having branded uniforms and vans for your cleaning business is a great way to help customers remember their experiences with your company. It’s also important to make sure that these items reflect the style and values of your brand.

When people see someone in your uniform or driving one of your vans, it will instantly remind them of who you are and what kind of services you provide. It’s all about leaving an impression on potential clients.

Having branded uniforms and vehicles helps create a sense of trust between you and those looking to hire a cleaner. Not only does this give off the right message when advertising yourself, but it makes everyone look more professional as well.

This can go a long way in helping boost customer satisfaction levels by showing that quality matters to you – even if it isn’t obvious at first glance! So invest in getting some high-quality uniforms and cars for your cleaners so that they can leave behind a lasting impression.

Now let’s move onto using great customer service as another marketing tool…


Use Great Customer Service As A Marketing Tool


As the leader of your cleaning business, you need to make sure that customer service is top-notch! Your customers should receive a high level of treatment and attention. They deserve it, after all.


great customer service


Providing great customer service will not only benefit your clients but also help market your business effectively. It’s an invaluable tool for success in any industry, so don’t underestimate its importance.

By showing respect and appreciation for all your clients—regardless of their financial status or social standing—you’ll be able to create a reputation as an honest and dependable company. People tend to trust businesses with friendly staff members who are willing to go above and beyond when needed.

So take the extra step and show the world that you can provide excellent customer service from beginning to end. With this approach, you’ll soon become known as one of the best cleaning services in town!


Be The Best Cleaning Service In Your Local Area


We all know that the key to success for any business is standing out from the competition. With my cleaning business, I’m going to make sure that it’s not just another average service – we’re gonna be THE BEST in our local area!

To do this, we’ll have to ensure that everyone involved has a passion for delivering quality results. We need to invest in great training and keep up with industry trends so that our team can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

And once we’ve got our winning formula down pat, then there will be no stopping us!


Run Promotions During Quiet Periods


It’s time to think outside the box and get creative with your cleaning business!

That means running promotions during quieter periods when there is less demand from customers – this gives you an edge over other businesses who may be more expensive or don’t offer discounts. Your promotion could include offering a buy-one-get-one deal, discount on multiple services, loyalty program rewards, or even something as simple as free shipping if they order online.

These are all great ways to attract potential new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more. Plus, it gives them incentive to choose your business over anyone else’s.

Now let’s talk about how to create relationships with local competitors—not just those in your industry but also restaurants, stores, etc.—to increase brand awareness and expand customer base.


Create Relationships With Your Local Competitors


Let me tell you something – relationships are key to success in the cleaning business.

If you want your business to skyrocket, make sure that you establish strong ties with other local competitors.

Why? Because these folks have been around longer and know what works best.

They can give great advice and even share their resources if it helps both of your businesses grow.

Working together will also provide a greater sense of security for everyone involved; after all, in order to succeed in this field, we need one another!

You see, when two or more cleaning businesses collaborate on projects and ideas, they create an atmosphere of collaboration and trust: customers feel confident that they’re getting quality service from multiple sources, while businesses benefit from shared knowledge and expertise.

Everyone wins!

So don’t be afraid: reach out to those around you who have similar goals – because together, we have the power to build a better future for our industry.




Now that you know the top 20 marketing ideas for your cleaning business, it’s time to put them into action.

I urge all of you to give these strategies a try and see what works best for you.

It is my belief that if you use the right tactics, then success will inevitably follow – no matter how successful or unsuccessful your competitors may be.

With great customer service and an SEO-optimized website, your cleaning business can stand out from the rest.

Don’t forget about promotions during quiet periods as well!

By taking advantage of these simple yet effective tips, you have the potential to increase your profits exponentially.

So don’t delay any longer: go ahead and start implementing these top 20 marketing ideas for your cleaning business today!

If you need help with getting more leads on Google for your cleaning business then don’t hesitate to contact Clean Boost Marketing today!


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