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Showpiece Cleaning Case Study

We made a new website for Showpiece Cleaning who wanted to re-brand their business from Fitz Cleaning. They mainly cleaned windows and gutters but David, the owner wanted to change services and target more high end services like tile and grout cleaning & Marble Polishing.

We designed the website in January 2022 and as of today (March 2023) they get around 900 extra visitors per month who find them organically online.  This is just after 1 year of SEO.

The website has a lot of location pages and ranks number 1 in a few areas for some of their services. After just 1 year of SEO, the results have been great and with continued SEO, things can only get better and better.

showpiece cleaning analytics
Google Search Console for Showpiece
web design data
Google Analytics report. 1.1k visitors in 28 days
website top of google
Pages ranking #1 on Google

MDM Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Case Study

Martin, the owner of MDM came to me and asked me to build him a new website, run his SEO and Google Ads. He had a website already designed by another company but like most websites these days it wasn’t designed to convert visitors into leads or optimized for local SEO.

I designed a whole new website on WordPress. I built out his main location which is Mullingar in Ireland and I also added other location areas like Cavan, Roscommon and Westmeath.

In less than one month he has had nearly 300 visitors to his website. One of his service pages is ranking number 1 in Mullingar. His Google ads got 41 leads at €6.66 a lead and he’s only spending €10 a day!

MDM Carpet Cleaning
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Report
Google Ads carpet cleaning
Google Ads, 41 leads at €6.66 per lead
Google SERP
Page ranking #1 on Google

Superior Carpet Cleaning Case Study

We made a new website for Superior Carpet Cleaning who were badly let down by another web designer. We found out the previous web designer shipped the work out to someone on Fiverr for a cheap price.

After a total over haul of the website in January 2023 and up until March 2023, we are starting to see some great results on the website already. Some of the service and location pages are ranking number 1 on Google already and most pages are on page one. In 1 year time we hope to get 3 or 4 times the amount of people onto this website.

We also manage Google Ads for this carpet cleaning company in Tipperary, Ireland. In one month on a €15 a day budget, we got Superior Carpet Cleaning an extra 39 leads at €9.39 a lead.

carpet cleaning PPC
Google Ads, 39 leads at €9.39 a lead
website analytics
451 Visits to website in 28 days
website at the top of search rankings
Pages ranking #1 on Google

Pure Heaven Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Case Study

Pure Heaven who are located in the U.S came to me in February 2023. They had a website designed in 2020 that was getting no traffic and no pages were ranking. The first thing I did was redesign the whole website, added more content, a blog, review page and I added a lot more services and location pages.

After just 2 short months this website started getting more traffic and some pages even reached page 1 and the top of page 1 in a short amount of time. Georgetown, Texas is a very competitive area with huge brands like Zero Rez taking up a lot of digital marketing space. This is quite a good achievement in such a short space of time.

Google Ads is also being done for Pure Heaven. Google ads are a lot more expensive in the US and we are getting leads for this company at less than $50 every month on a $30 a day budget.

carpet cleaning website example
carpet cleaning seo
Taking the website from 0 traffic
cleaning website
Ranking on the first page of Google
google ads carpet cleaning
18 Leads at $45.62 a lead with a 22.78% success rate

Aqua Pro Exterior Cleaning Case Study

Report Coming Soon

You can view the new website below.

Aqua Pro Exterior Cleaning website
Pages ranking near the top of Google after a week

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